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3D direct laser metal sintering and application

Production of 3D metal parts with laser technology is suitable in the following fields:
  • toolmaking (molding tool, casting tool repair tools)
  • industry (production of individual parts, mass production of components, spare parts, machine parts)
  • Automotive (motor sports, new parts, protoripi)
  • Mechanical Engineering (R & D components, optimization of piece weight, rapid prototyping)
  • fashion and lifestyle (optics, jewelry and accessories, medals and pendants, crests)
  • sport (sports equipment, parts for sports bikes)
More about 3D laser metal sintering you can read here.

List of compatible materials for direct laser sintering (3D printing) metal powders with EOSINT M 280: Learn more about 3D metal printing.

Materials for metal additive manufacturing (pdf)
  • accuracy
  • reliability
  • competitiveness
  • compliance with delivery dates
  • speed
  • flexibility